... your life is your story ...

Why Your Life Coaching?


”Faith is to believe what you do not see; and the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”  St. Augustine 

There are several benefits to Life Coaching.

First, your life coach is a mentor, cheerleader, and personal confidant.

Second, your life coach believes in you and wants to see you succeed!

Truth be told, I believe that most folks could benefit from life coaching. That’s why I created Your Life Coaching WV.  As a life-long resident of the Mountain State, I believe in my neighbors. And I believe that our communities should be a place of personal and spiritual growth. We all have a lot to offer our community and we have to be at our best if we want our communities to thrive.

It’s About the Journey


Our lives are a journey. A journey that pulls, twists, and shapes our character. A character whose story line we develop. 

While others help set scenes, give us a prop or two, props we either work with or around...our life's story is ours to write.  Nobody can write it for us.  Some may try...but when its all said and done, its our story to tell. So why not write a good one?

“My desire towards my Coaching Neighbors is for them to embrace their lives. For them to use all their days for good. For them to feel and then share God's joy with me and others. I want them to live life with a genuine wink and a smile.”

Write Your Life’s Story


We can’t change the past or others. We can, however, change our perspective, embrace our present, and develop our future.”

Today is a great day to start writing our life’s story, on purpose with purpose. Start by focusing on the desired end and take it from there. At times we’ll have to adapt and adjust, focus and redirect...but the results of a purposeful life is well worth the effort.