Molly's Cabin


Molly's Cabin - book 1

 "When her family home is destroyed by fire, Spinster Molly Sivits is left orphaned and homeless. Once she is physically on the mend, her neighbors clean up the ruins, building her a cabin nearby. But fear of being alone holds Molly captive, and she only visits the cabin, never moving in. Not wanting her to continue on the slippery slope of depression, while Molly is recuperating in his family's home, Pete Evans, the very man who found her during the fire, helps her overcome a potential opioid addiction and reintroduces her to life. A decade younger than Molly, Pete is determined to literally give her beauty for ashes. 

Years later, although it takes some convincing on Pete's part, the two marry and Spinster Sivits becomes not only a wife and mother, but a matriarch of the Evans family. As the years pass, Molly's cabin becomes a safe haven on what she deems Serenity Farm."

Molly's Cabin is the novella that will kick off a novel series, Life on the Allegheny Front, by author Jordan J. Patterson.

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After Storms - Boox 2


After Storms

Leaving her Allegheny Mountaintop home to find work, the last place Julia Mae Moyer expected to find herself was on the clannish community of The Run. But her newly found security is threatened when she falls for her employer's nephew, the devilishly handsome and perpetual flirt, Bo Evans. Not even Bo's use of her childhood nickname, Little Red, can put her at ease in his presence. Besides, as her employer's nephew, chancing a failed romance simply wasn't worth the risk...right?


Benjamin Ora Evans, Bo for short, fell hard. From the first time he laid eyes on the pretty little redheaded, he knew he'd finally found the gal for him. Or at least one that would bring a spark of life back to The Farms. When Bo's battles with alcohol, family troubles, and past sin, blow up in his face, he has little choice but to change his ways. And if becoming a better man helps him win Little Red's heart, he'll consider himself one lucky man. Trouble is, each storm that blows through only adds to the number of reasons she cannot trust him. 


Raised on opposite sides of the same mountain, can Julia and Bo overcome the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart? Or is her Daddy right - being born on opposite sides of the Allegheny sealed their fate as nothing more than natural born enemies?"


After Storms is the second book in Patterson's novel series Life on the Allegheny Front. 

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Redeemed by Faith - Book 3


redeemed by faith

When Georgette Chamberlin is escorted out of West Virginia by Nicholas Evans, her former beau’s brother, stubborn pride keeps her from telling him the truth about what awaits them at her Pennsylvania home. But even Georgette wasn’t prepared for the horrific turn of events orchestrated by her deranged socialite mother. When the pair find themselves in over their heads, the only place left to go is back to the Evans’ family farm. The very farm Georgette was told to leave and never return.

As the youngest of three sons, Nicholas Evans struggles through his rite-of-passage into manhood. With the peace of his family at stake, Nicholas takes matters in his own hands only to find himself in dire need of the very family he drove away from. Finding himself asking for permission to return home - with the family nemesis and a secret or two – Nicholas soon learns the extent of his family bonds.

Can Nicholas and Georgette set aside their own selfish desires and raise an orphaned child as their own? Will the Serenity Farm cabin bring peace to three more lost souls? 

Set in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, Redeemed by Faith addresses the difficult issues of pride, selfishness, and consequences of choices made.

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Sacred Vows - Book 4


Sacred vows - book 4: fall 2019!

When their lifelong friendship is put to the test, Emily Chamberlin and Nathaniel Evans fight to find a new normal when faced with the challenges of post-war depression, death, and disappointment.


Emily Ann Chamberlin watched eagerly as the familiar landmarks passed. Soon, she would be on The Farms’ Road, and after five years, she’d be stepping back into the arms of her best friend. However, as soon as her hazel eyes met his, Emily knew something was different - Nathaniel was different - and the changes ran deeper than the way he held himself or the faraway look in his blue-green eyes. Now, for the first time ever, Emily felt unsure of herself with Nathaniel; and until the moment he smiled, reaching for her hand, she wasn’t even sure he recognized her. 


When Nathaniel tentatively took Emily by the hand, he realized that she felt the changes only war could force a man to make. Knowing if he wanted her to stick around, he would have to dredge up the boy she remembered. Problem was, even Nathaniel didn’t know if that boy was still alive.


As the two struggle to find common ground, Emily’s family falls apart, forcing her to make some difficult decisions, decisions that, in the past, she would have discussed with her best friend. Only now, it seems that he, too, has left her. Can they bridge the widening gap and hold onto the sacred vows they made as children? Vows that would help them save one another...or were those promises made to be broken?

Sacred Vows is book four in the novel series Life on the Allegheny Front by author Jordan J. Patterson.

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Not Lost but Found Series


Not Lost But Found Series

The Doman Family Saga

A Rose for Adahlia 

Intrigued by James Doman from the LAF series? Well, just wait till you hear the rest of his story!  

coming 2020

Call Me Dale

What happens when an up and coming city doctor meets a West Virginia farm boy? Well...let's just say its about to get interesting in these here hills! 

coming 2020


Just a note

From then...till now

"Over the years,  I've witnessed a lot of changes in our beautiful state. Our families and workplaces are changing, too. But at least one thing remains the same: our sense of community.

That's why, although fictional, the families found within these pages  believe there's value to be found in personal relationships found only in community and family....and that notion makes me happy."

Personally Speaking

"As a life long resident of the Mountain State, it gives me great pleasure to weave stories that bring characters to life on the pages of the books I create. 

So grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of sweet tea), snatch up a cookie (or two), then settle back to enjoy the hospitality of Almost Heaven, West Virginia.
Happy reading, y'all!"
~ Jordan

About Author Jordan J. Patterson